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Lindsay Warren

The Story So Far

Lindsay graduated with a degree in Marketing while grabbing an NCAA National Title in College. She began her career in a large advertising agency on the West Coast. She worked at several marketing organizations at varying levels before catching the all-too-real burnout.

Since then, she followed her entrepreneurial streak and started a successful company, built out and managed high-functioning teams, and found her passion for people and building community. Even before joining found.Consulting, Lindsay was coaching talent in pursuing their dreams and now gets to apply that skillset to agency management and marketing leaders, working with them to develop new ways of furthering their organizational growth. Understanding people and leading with empathy is Lindsay's secret to success. 

You can find Lindsay on Zoom laughing with great candidates, taking her Frenchie out for a stroll, or throwing a barbell around on any given day.

Lindsay and her french bulldog

Why do you love what you do?

I have a knack for reading people and understanding their needs before they are ready to talk about them. Finding a perfect culture fit for a team is my absolute favorite part of what I do.

Fun Fact

I built a 220 sf tiny home in 2020 on an 18ft trailer I found on Facebook Marketplace. How you might ask? Youtube, a lot of friends, and bribery with many tasty beverages.

tiny house
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