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Brenn Scott

The Story So Far

Brenn has over a decade of experience recruiting in a variety of industries but has been exclusively focused on the marketing, creative, and sales space since 2018. Throughout her career, she worked internally at pre-IPO tech companies; award-winning digital agencies; and fast-growing, international eCommerce and CPG brands. Her desire to better serve small businesses and agencies in their pursuit of top talent lead her to start her own recruiting consultancy, found.Consulting, in 2019. She's been working with agencies and small business leadership in coaching on candidate selection, interview process, talent strategy, and onboarding development and support ever since.

In her spare time, Brenn loves to nerd out on regenerative ranching, pursue the perfect sourdough recipe (including milling her own flour), playing ice hockey, or working with her cattle dog on herding commands.

Brenn Scott

Why do you love what you do?

We, as people, spend most of our waking lives working; and I'm resolute in my belief that everyone should like what they do. We should all get to work with people we respect and genuinely enjoy. I live for making that match between a company and a candidate.

Fun Fact

I once worked on an 8,500 acre cattle ranch one hour away from the nearest town. I slept in a mouse-infested trailer, got up at 6 AM to roundup horses and check cows, and lost at least a dozen fights with barbed wire.

And I loved every minute.

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