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Does your onboarding suck?

Don't be a part of the 88%.


We design onboarding experiences that delight employees and hiring managers alike--and allow new employees to hit peak potential more quickly.

How are you enabling your team?

69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding. 

Gather Information

We start by getting to know your company and the roles you most frequently hire for. What are the essential skills from a technical and cultural perspective? Which of those skills is true at the macro-level vs. team or role specific? What systems and training is necessary to get new hires up to speed?


Map & Timing

Once we've gathered all the essential information a new hire needs to learn in order to be effective in their new role, we begin to map the when, the who, and the how?


Using our proprietary templates, we simplify the onboarding process into a journey where every single step is planned and timed for optimal learning. The best part for leadership? Ownership of training is spread across teams and automated tools instead of falling on one person's lap.


Automate & Scale

Why re-invent the wheel? We will overlay company-wide, department-wide, and role-specific onboarding plans then map these steps and tasks either to your existing systems (project management software, HRIS, etc) or recommend cost-effective new solutions to help automate the onboarding process as your business continues to grow.

We can help your company design scalable onboarding processes that will help new employees reach their maximum potential quickly and effectively. Book a call now for a free consultation and learn how to be in the top 12% of companies engaging top talent correctly. 

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